Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sathish Kalathil on "Jalachhayam"

Jalachayam is the first Malayalam digital movie shot exclusively on a Mobile phone.

What was your filmmaking background before making Jalachhayam?

SATHISH: Earlier, I filmed a documentary named Veena Vaadanam about the origin- growth-and the evolution of painting, with a Nokia N70 mobile phone in 2006-2007.

This documentary had been released on in 2008 at Thrissur and it had been screened in 16mm, successfully. Until now, this documentary has been screened in various film festivals and is renowned as the first mobile phone film in India, which has received the certificate of Central Board of Film Certification in 2008.

The success of Veena Vaadanam instilled in this team the confidence to make a feature film. That is Jalachhayam.

Why did you decide to produce it on a mobile phone?

SATHISH: Less production cost and a novel method of movie making.

What were the best and worst things about shooting it on a mobile phone?

SATHISH: The best thing was the ease of use of the instrument. It was an easy way for people who are interested in movies -- even a rural people -- can experience their own interests in movies. It’s also an easy way to fight against social evils -- even for a single person. The worst things are lighting control and capturing wide shots.

How did you handle editing and post-production?

SATHISH: The same way as in the film industry.

And, finally, what did you learn from making the movie that you can take to other projects?

SATHISH: I have learned how to direct and prepare a movie whole.

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